Wave Energy Technology

July 13, 2009

Wave energy technology is an immature but promising renewable energy technology. This video gives a clear explanation as to how some wave energy devices work. Pelamis and Anaconda are two wave energy devices that work using the same principles.

Pelamis was the world’s first commercial scale machine to produce offshore grid connected, wave generated electricity. A new commercial Pelamis wave energy machine is now being built for utility giant E.on in Scotland.

Anaconda is a 200 metre rubber tube with a hydraulic turbine driving a 1MW capacity electric generator. Anaconda’s developer – Checkmate Seaenergy say the wave energy device has the potential to generate renewable electricity off any coast with wave strength over 25 kW/m. Checkmate Seaenergy has a vision of the snakes being grouped in farms with 20 or more machines producing over 20 MW.

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    May 11th, 2011

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