Offshore Wind Turbine

Donald Trump is considering shelving his plans for his luxury golf resort near Aberdeen after claiming his ambitious project is being threatened by an offshore windfarm, reports the Guardian.

Trump, whose plans for this windswept, remote part of the Aberdeenshire coast include a high-rise tower and several 4 story units, has long complained that the offshore windfarm will be an eyesore.

The Trump Organisation released a statement: “We intend to open the championship golf course at the end of June, well ahead of schedule.

“All further plans for future development, including the hotel, are now on hold until the Scottish government makes a decision on the application for the European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre.

“If the north east of Scotland is serious about tourism and creating a global golf destination it cannot allow the coastline to be ruined by an ugly industrial park directly off the shoreline.”

Suspicions have been voiced that Trump has decided to abandon the golf resort as it is no longer financially viable and is using the windfarm, known as the European offshore wind deployment centre, as the reason.

Trump admitted in June that the global recession had lead him to postpone construction of the resort’s luxury hotel, apartments and housing. He said “the world has crashed” since he bought the Menie estate, in Aberdeenshire, and its vast area of dunes in 2005. Linking this delay to the windfarm is a new angle that he did not previously take.

Trump has called for the first minister Alex Salmond’s support in his opposition of the windfarm, but despite initially being a supporter of Trump, he has now refused to intervene.

The proposed windfarm is backed by the European commission and will be a testbed for some of the most advanced offshore wind turbine designs. The £200m project, which will be 2.5km (1.5 miles)south-east of the Menie estate coastline, is expected to create jobs and economic benefit by attracting scientists, researchers, engineers, offshore wind supply chain companies.

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  1. brian clark

    January 24th, 2012

    Mr Trump has been the only eyesore on the Aberdeenshire coast ! ……Good Riddance !

  2. Sounds more like an excuse to get out of a project.

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