Anti Wind Turbine Campaigners Fail to Pay Council Tax

September 15, 2011

Jane Davis

UK anti wind turbine campaigners Jane and Julian Davies are being taken to court for unpaid council tax it has emerged this week.

The Spalding Guardian reported today that South Holland District Council has won liability orders to recover £110,000 outstanding in unpaid business rates and council tax.

Jane and Julian Davis travel the UK and abroad to speak out against wind farms and advise people who want to object to local wind farm proposals.

The Davis’s reportedly owe over £1000 to their local council

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Wind Turbine Report Confirms No Health Effects

June 4, 2010

wind turbine

If you are baffled by people referring to terms such as ‘vibro-acoustic disease’, ‘wind turbine syndrome’ or just generally worried about wind turbine noise, a report has been published confirming that many wind turbine claims are ill founded.

The review ‘Wind Turbine Sound & Health Effects‘ carried out last year includes an assessment of so called research carried out by anti-wind farm campaigners (including Nina Pierpont).

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Factory Wind Turbine Turned Down

March 16, 2010

factory wind turbine

Princes Soft Drinks proposal for a wind turbine at its factory in Bradford was rejected last week due to impact on inhabitants of neighbouring properties.

Planning Inspector Elizabeth Ord said that wind turbine noise levels experienced by nearby residents, both at night and during the day would be lower than the limits recommended in nationally recognised guidance (ETSU R 97 “The Rating and Assessment of Noise from Wind Turbines” ). Despite this she believed that the wind turbine could still lead to sleep disturbance.

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Community supports Westmills Wind Farm

August 9, 2009

Westmills Wind farm

Westmills wind farm is officially popular with its local community according to a recent report by the BBC. Westmills is the first 100% community owned wind energy project in the south of England and provides for the needs of around 2500 homes.

The five turbine wind farm is located within half a mile of the village of Westmills in South Oxfordshire, England. The turbines started generating electricity in February of last year after a long planning haul patiently negotiated by landowner Adam Twine. More than 200 local people bought into the wind farm co-operative and now receive a financial return on their investment.

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Wind Farm Neighbours

June 29, 2009

Canadian wind farm neighbour Mulikow tries to describe the noise from his next door wind farm in the video below. As with all attempts to replicate ‘noise experiences’ this video struggles to represent accurately wind turbine noise due to the noise of the natural wind in the microphone and the fact that we – the listeners are located out of context. However Mulikaw gives what seems to be an un-emotive, and descriptive account of what it is like to live next to an operational wind farm. Don’t believe him though – go visit one for yourself.

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What is Amplitude Modulation of Noise from Wind Turbines?

January 2, 2009

Amplitude Modulation of aerodynamic noise is a term used to describe a noise phenomenon experienced at a few unusual wind energy projects in the UK. The term is often used to cause concern amongst residents close to a proposed wind farm in addition to terms such as low frequency noise and infrasound. It is sometimes described as a “thump” as the turbine blade passes the tower.

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