British Firm Wins Australian Solar Thermal Bid

June 24, 2011

solar thermal

British company Wind Prospect has won a bid to develop the largest solar powered energy plant in the Southern Hemisphere.

The Australian arm of the renewable energy company made the bid as part of the ‘Solar Dawn Consortium‘ alongside Areva and CS Energy.

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard made the announcement following an 18-month competitive process which started in late 2009.

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New UK Renewable Energy Tariff Rates Confirmed

June 10, 2011

New UK Renewable Energy Tariff Rates Confirmed

The new feed in tariff rates for small scale renewable energy were confirmed today by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC).

The revised Feed In Tariff rates are due to be implemented on 1st August 2011.

The rate for larger scale solar energy projects of 250 kW – 5MW has been dramatically reduced from 30.7 pence per kWh to 8.5 pence. As a result the UK is unlikely to see proposals for ground based solar parks of this scale.

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UK Feed in Tariff Boom Continues

September 17, 2010

solar panels

Latest Ofgem figures show a boom in small scale renewable energy systems across the UK.

Since the introduction of the feed in tariff (FIT) by the previous government in April, over 9000 new wind, solar, hydro and micro combined heat and power projects have been installed by both householders and commercial organisations. Installations in August doubled those in July with nearly 4000 householders going green.

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World’s Biggest Wind Farm Stalled

July 8, 2009

wind energy

Plans for a 4000 Megawatt (MW) wind energy project in Texas have been stalled due to difficult market conditions, high grid costs and the downturn in gas prices according to the Washington Post today.

T. Boone Pickens said that the plans for the $12 billion wind farm have been put on hold temporarily while expensive grid upgrades are put in place by the State.

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What’s Hot and What’s Not – The Global Energy Scene

June 24, 2009

Solar Energy

An article by Michael von Bülow yesterday reviews the Riso Energy Report 7 – Future low carbon energy systems and tells us which energy technologies are hot and which are not in the current global market.

The report outlines the current technological status and growth of our favourite energy technologies, together with the key challenges and barriers for further development.

Wind energy is top of the list – described as a mature option in sustainable energy with great potential and a rapid development over the past 25 years.

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UK Ranks Low on European Renewable Energy League Table

June 17, 2009

spinning wind turbine

According to the Guardian this week, the UK is currently third from bottom in a European renewable energy league table.

Despite the UK being the windiest country in Europe, the UK generates just under 2% of its energy from renewable energy such as wind energy and solar. This is less than most countries in Europe – with the exception of Luxembourg and Malta.

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Renewable Energy Investment Thrives

June 3, 2009

wind energy investment

Wind energy, solar and clean technologies brought in $140bn (£86bn) global investment last year according to the United Nations. The figure compared with only $110 bn (£68bn) for gas and coal electricity generation.

New investments were made throughout the globe, notably in developing countries. Wind energy technology was the front runner in 08 – attracting the biggest new worldwide investment of $52bn (£32bn). Solar energy was second favourite with $33.5bn (£21bn) investment. China experienced a $15.6bn (£10m) injection – mostly in wind energy and biomass electricity generation plant.

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Shareholders Demanding Renewable Energy

May 25, 2009

wind turbines

More and more shareholders are demanding their companies go green. Over half of shareholders of Idaho Power Co approved a resolution to expand its renewable energy portfolio at the annual meeting held last Thursday. The proposal was given the go ahead despite being opposed by the board of Idaho Power’s parent company – IdaCorp for cost reasons.

LaMont Keen, president and CEO, told The Idaho StatesmanThe company takes this vote seriously and will consider adopting quantitative goals this year” .

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Renewable Energy Myth Busting

November 28, 2008

Guardian writer Chris Goodall set out yesterday to clarify 10 of the classic myths often cited against renewable energy. Many people believe solar power is too expensive to use, wind is not effective and marine energy cannot work.

Chris provides some interesting information, however some of the myths stem from an element of truth about the technologies which have in the past held them back. What is important is that people and companies are being financially driven to overcome the barriers and take these technologies to the next level where they are affordable.

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