onshore wind turbines

The prime minister has insisted that there is no planned change to UK wind farm policy.

The PM was forced to confirm the Tory position as Labour leader Ed Miliband put David Cameron in the spotlight on the government’s energy policy.

The exchange followed further coalition conflict involving Conservative Minister John Hayes and Lib – Dem Energy Minister Ed Davey. Hayes was reported as saying the UK had ‘enough wind farms’ in the national press over the weekend. He is, according to the press, keen to implement a moratorium on onshore wind energy.

Ed Davey told the BBC earlier in the week “The government is still committed to renewables including onshore wind“. This was backed up by the PM yesterday.

Industry body RenewableUK (RUK) said that John Hayes had addressed the RUK Conference earlier in the week and talked about the need for investor confidence in renewable energy. RUK said “Comments like those reported risk fundamentally undermining that confidence on the eve of the energy bill and potential for 88,000 jobs in wind wave and tidal by 2021“.

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