offshore wind farm

Measures to make investment in offshore wind vessels more attractive are being urged by European Shipyard and Wind Energy Associations.

The Community of European Shipyards Association (CESA) and the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) want the European Commission and European Investment Bank to help stimulate the funding of new ships to build offshore wind farms.

There are currently concerns that supply chain problems with offshore wind infrastructure will delay the delivery of the wind farms.  A good supply of vessels would help speed up the procurement and build phase and bring down offshore wind farm costs.  However major, risky investment is needed to get vessels in the water.

CESA and EWEA are asking the European Comission to develop programmes and funding mechanisms and for the European Investment Bank to help deal with risks perceived with investing in the vessels.  The Associations want offshore wind energy to be recognised as a key industry in the EU’s 2020 strategy for smart, green growth.

EWEA believe that €2.4 billion (US $3.3 bn) investment in ships is needed to provide for the predicted growth of offshore wind farms.

Justin Wilkes, Policy Director of EWEA said: “Offshore wind power provides the anwser to Europe’s energy and climate dilemma – exploiting an abundant energy resource which does not emit greenhouse gases, reduces dependence on increasingly costly fuel imports, creates thousands of jobs and provides large quantities of indigenous affordable electricity”.

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