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Comparing Green Energy Suppliers

February 8, 2012

comparing energy prices

Insurance comparison websites have been around for a while and have helped consumers choose the cheapest and / or most suitable product for them without phoning a huge number of suppliers.

A similar website service for household and business energy now helps people compare energy prices and features allowing them to decide which is the most appropriate service or product for them.

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Electrifying Africa

November 23, 2009

Electrifying Africa

On a visit to South Africa this year I asked a charity project worker whether he was involved in any renewable or decentralised energy projects. He responded by saying that renewable energy is not a priority and is a matter for the government. Food, education, and, going by our tour of projects he was involved in … dance lessons are priority.

This comment struck me as odd given the huge number of people living in the townships risking their lives by illegally hooking up to the electricity network and those struggling to find ways to cook food. The situation in rural areas is in many places much worse with little, if any access to electricity.

I was left pondering perceptions of renewable and decentralised energy. Many clearly believe that green energy is something for the wealthy – something to spend your money on when you have nothing else to spend it on. The reality of course is that the people whom effective renewable and decentralised energy would help the most are those in extreme fuel poverty – in Africa and in the UK.

With nearly 1 billion people, Africa accounts for a sixth of the world’s population, but generates only 4% of global electricity.

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