A new 800 MW coal fired power station is being considered for Ferrybridge C, West Yorks to replace the existing 2000 MW plant.

Original proposals were to fit Flue Gas Desulphurisation technology to reduce emissions from the power station before the new EU regulations come into force in 2015 making it unfeasible to continue operation. However proposals for a new power station “potentially” with carbon capture technology came to light several years ago.

YANC, a group campaigning against new coal generating power stations in Yorkshire have revealed in a survey that 71% of those interviewed said renewable energy should be developed instead of new coal.

Coal has long been part of Yorkshire’s history however 94% of those surveyed did not want fossil fuel generation. Some MP’s however do not seem to reflect residents views, for example Caroline Flint has refused to oppose the controversial plan but was happy to object to a wind farm proposed in her constituency a few years ago.

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