Several leading European organisations – including the NNFCC – have joined forces on a £12.3 million, four and a half year project called Energetic Algae (EnAlgae).

EnAlgae will establish a series of pilot scale seaweed farms and microalgae growth facilities in the region to provide the crucial information needed to assess the productivity of algae production in North West Europe.

This information will be used to better understand the economics and greenhouse gas balances of making fuel, energy and other products from algae. The project will also develop a computer-based tool to inform decision makers about how and where algae could be grown in the region.

Algae lead at the NNFCC Dr Claire Smith said “Algae offers significant potential for the sustainable production of energy and fuels. Much of the focus so far has been on the production of algae in more favourable climates, such as the US, but there is a distinct lack of information about how algae grow at scale in more challenging climates,”

“The EnAlgae project will allow us to look seriously at the potential of algae for the UK and the NNFCC are delighted to offer our expertise in developing markets for sustainable algal bioenergy production.”

Algae project manager- Dr Robin Shields from the Centre for Sustainable Aquatic Research at Swansea University, said “The EnAlgae expert partnership has been formed to develop and implement technologies tailored to the unique socio-economic and environmental conditions of North West Europe,”

“Thanks to close transnational cooperation, EnAlgae partners and stakeholders will gain access to those sustainable technologies most suited to their local operating conditions.”

EnAlgae is jointly funded under the European Regional Development Fund by the North West Europe INTERREG IVB North West Europe programme, the Welsh Government’s Targeted Match Fund and other other organisations.

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